Our Mission: To challenge the outdated perception of faux flowers and plants by providing superior quality products that have earned their place in modern interior styling.


Hi I'm Gilly,

I am a tea lover, chocolate addict and interior styling enthusiast. I am also the proud owner of FAKING BEAUTIFUL, a deluxe faux flower & plant business based on Queensland's gorgeous Sunshine Coast.

I have always enjoyed having flowers and plants in my home and I consider  a luscious green plants and an overflowing vase of flowers essential items when it comes to home styling. I love the elements of texture, the burst of colour and sense of life that flowers and plants can bring to a space.

After reading this I’m guessing you would expect to see a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms or a thriving plant in just about every room of my home , and yes you will but I am not ashamed to admit that they are all faux!

So why have I chosen to style my home with faux flowers and “fauxliage” in place of the real deal?

  • Firstly, I hate wasting money. I have never quite been able to bring myself to spent my hard earned $ on fresh blooms that will wilt within a matter of days especially considering I am hardly ever at home during the day to enjoy them.
  • Then there is the maintenance and attention that plants require. My serial plant killer friends out there know what i'm talking about! Thankfully my lifelike faux plants thrive on neglect and continue to look stunning and lustrous all year round. No watering, fertilizing or pruning required!
  • Lastly, the convenience. I love knowing that my faux plants will flourish in that dark corner of my bedroom that hardly gets any light and that I can take off on a carefree holiday knowing that when I return home my faux plants will look just as fresh as the day I left.

    "They're faux, but you wouldn’t know."


    Once I decided that faux was the way to go I was left really disappointed with the choice and quality of the flowers and plants available at my local homewares stores. The range on offer were poor quality, outdated and downright depressing! The idea for FAKING BEAUTIFUL was born.

    After months of searching, sampling and rejecting loads of products that just did not make the cut I finally had a range of superior quality faux blooms and plants that I could proudly display in my home.

    We have also recently added some simple, timeless ceramic vases to the store and plan to expand our versatile décor range in the near future so stay tuned.

    Love Gilly and the FAKING BEAUTIFUL team xoxo


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